Payment Information

Payment types accepted are Visa, MasterCard, and Internet Banking. You will need to submit your credit card details at the time the order is placed on the website. You authorise Nicki McClintock to debit the order value amount from your nominated credit card.
If you wish to pay by Amex, please submit your order via the Internet banking option. Please pay via PayPal and send payment to our email. Once we receive confirmation of payment, we can dispatch your order. 
· Internet Banking. An account number will be provided on the Payment detail page, please include your order number as the ‘Reference Number’ so we are able to identify the order this payment relates to. On receipt of this payment, once the items on your order are in stock we will dispatch your order.

· Once the items on your order are in stock and are ready for dispatch, we will process payment for the Goods (plus any delivery charges) using your nominated credit card.

· If your nominated credit card is declined by your financial institution, we will not be able to guarantee the delivery of the Goods, and may contact you to make alternative payment and delivery arrangements.

· We may decide at any time not to accept payment from you by credit card for any reason. If we decline to accept payment, we will not process the Order and may not contact you to inform you that your Order will not be processed. We may process this Order or further Orders if you make a payment by another method that is acceptable to us or provide us with verification of your name and address.