Nicki McClintock Design is happy to offer its customers a 4 weeks layby service.
Now you can purchase all your heart desires and pay it off in manageable repayments.
No interest is added in the cash price. Please take a few minutes to read these Terms and Conditions for Lay by purchases.
Happy Shopping!

Lay By Terms and Conditions

Your Rights
When ‘we’ (the seller of Nicki McClintock Designs) agree to a layby sale, the goods must be held for you – unless you do not make payments as agreed.
We cannot increase the price of the goods held on layby if new stock comes in at a higher price. If we puts other stock of the same goods on sale while you have your item on layby you are not entitled to have it at the reduced price.

Layby Sales Act
Layby sales are covered by the Layby Sales Act 1971.

Layby Terms and conditions:
Deposit: When purchasing on a lay by basis an initial deposit of 30% is required on the order, as per the agreed price. Prices are all GST inclusive.

Payment Frequency:
We request that payments for your lay by purchase are made on a weekly or fortnightly basis. It will be greatly appreciated if you would email us each time a payment is made via direct deposit, as it would assist us in identifying in who is paying and when payments have been made. You can make your payments through internet banking (please allow at least two working days for the payments to appear in our bank account)
National Bank: 06 0222 0099480 00

Completion of Payment and Penalty fees:
Payments must be made within four weeks of the order date. If you fail to make payments and /or do not finalise your lay-by by the end of the lay by term (4 weeks), Nicki McClintock Designs has the right to keep your deposit (30% of the full price of the item/s), for administration and cancellation fees.
You will lose the right to your item/s and they will be resold after 3 days of cancellation.
If you have made payments on top of your deposit they will be refunded back to the customer via bank deposit.

Extension of Layby:
If you could not finalize your payment by the end of the layby terms, you may ask the eboutique to extend the terms for you.

Cancellation of Layby:
Cancelled by You – You may cancel a layby if you have not finished paying for it. Let us know by emailing us or writing a letter. You do not have to give a reason for cancelling.
If you cancel a layby you are entitled to a refund of the money you have already paid.
However, we may keep 10% of the total purchase price to cover selling costs and/or loss of value. If the items have been lost or damaged while on layby, you can cancel the layby or ask to either compensate you for the damage or to agree to replace the goods.
Cancelled by Us – We may cancel a layby if you do not keep to the agreed terms. For instance, if you do not make payments as agreed or do not pay off the layby within the agreed time. (Please refer to the terms of Penalty fee above) if a layby cancelled by us we will advise you either by email, or by sending notification to the address you gave us.
or by sending notification to the address you gave us.

All items remain the property of Nicki McClintock Designs, until final payment has been received.
You will receive emails regarding payment updates.